Production Note #31 – trailer work, festivals and a first free Wallpaper!

It’s been a while since our last Production Note, so it’s about time we bring you up to date on what happened in those last weeks.

One of the main things was that we started to work on our trailer. We even hired another editor for this, Philipp Mayr. He already produced two versions, and the second one was pretty good, but we’re still not quite there. Working on a trailer is quite different from working on a movie, because there’s so little time to transport so much information – but one also shouldn’t reveal too much to keep things interesting. We’ve probably all seen trailers and movies where the trailer shows pretty much every good scene of the movie, we obviously don’t want that to happen. So it’s a tight rope that we’re balancing here, and we’re all very curious how the final trailer will look like.

Our graphic design intern Lisa Studener has produced some beautiful screenshots of the movie, they will play an important part in the promotion of the movie.

Wolfgang has finished working on the English subtitles and also worked on the new website quite a lot, making it more beautiful with photos and those screenshots/still images mentioned above. Among other things, he has prepared some wallpapers that you’ll be able to use as background pictures on your computers, tablets and phones. Wolfgang already has one on his computer, it looks marvellous. You’ll get to see and download them when we launch the website in the next few weeks.

However, we’re giving you one of our wallpapers right here, right now! We hope you’ll enjoy it as much as we do.

Download Wallpaper

We also started working with a festival promotion agency called Their business is to help movies get into festivals.

For independent not-yet-established filmmakers like ourselves, the festival business is a pretty rough one. It works like this:

When submitting to a festival, you have to pay a submission fee. If you submit very early, you get the rather cheap early bird fee, and it gets more expensive the later you submit your movie – with most festivals, the fees are something between 25$ and 100$. Big film festivals get thousands of submissions but can only show a couple of hundred movies, so your chance of getting selected is very often pretty low – it sometimes feels a bit like a very expensive lottery.

And this is where agencies like come in: They are in good contact with thousands of film festivals and are a great help for them because they only send them movies that the agency has already pre-selected (the agencies choose their movies very carefully), saving the festivals a lot of work. Because of this, they get fee waivers, so very often, they don’t have to pay the submission fees. Of course, they still charge filmmakers for their services, but only with a couple of Dollars for each film.

So this means that these agencies can submit your movie to a dozen of film festivals for the same amount of Dollars that a filmmaker alone might need for one submission, increasing the probability for a film to be selected by festivals.

That’s what we’re doing now, we’ll see how this will turn out. It will probably take some months until we get first results of their work because festival programming takes a lot of time, and the agency always submits their films very early.

So that’s about it for now, we hope we’ll make good progress with the trailer in the days to come. You’ll be the first to see it once it’s ready.

Production Note #30 – The one where we show you our film poster!

It’s time to share another important element of our movie with you: Our film poster.

And without any further ado, here it is:


The designer of this poster is Wolfgang’s dear friend Klaus Mitter, who has also been the one who created all the titles and (together with Lisa) the end credits.

The photo was taken by Francesca Castiglioni from Italy, who has been a great supporter of our project from Day One. Check out Francesca’s website – she’s put out a book called “You Got To Move – The Land of Roots Music” that’s full of photos of old Bluesmen from the South (check out the trailer of that book) – you can probably buy it by contacting her via her Facebook page here.

The photo is not a still image from the movie because, in a real rookie move, we kind of forgot to take still photos while shooting. However, we feel that this photo of Francesca really captures Leo’s nature and the nature of our movie really well. We’re really happy about it, and we hope you’ll like it, too.

In other news, Wolfgang is finishing the first draft of the english subtitles today. He also met the editor of our trailer, Philipp, today. Philipp is a friend of our main editor Lisa and will start working right away. We can’t wait to see how he sees LATE BLOSSOM BLUES and what he thinks are the best scenes to put in a trailer. We’ll give you more about all that in the coming weeks.

Production Note #29

Welcome back after our short summer break to Production Note #29! Due to our Director/Producer Wolfgang‘s marriage on August 9, not that much has happened in the last couple of weeks. However, some things were moving forward:

This week, Wolfgang has been working on the English subtitles of the movie. Since this is a very slow process, he has by now only achieved about a third of the movie – so this will still take some time, but we’ll probably finish this in two week’s time.

We’ve also submitted our movie to some film festivals, among them Slamdance and SXSW. Both would of course be perfect for our US premiere, but since both take place in early 2017, it will still take a lot of time until we’ll get news on that. However, we’re awaiting news on our European festival premiere every day now – let’s keep our fingers crossed!

And we’re in the process of hiring an editor for the trailer of the movie and all those little outtake and live videos that we’d like to share with our crowdfunding backers and you in the next coming weeks and months.

That’s all for now. Let’s hope we’ll get some good festival news next week!

Production Note #28


Last Tuesday, Wolfgang and Lisa worked on putting together the color graded images and the edited audio files, and it worked without any technical difficulties – so this meant that the movie was finally ready!

It was a strange feeling, after two years of hard work, to know that this is finally it – this is the movie that we’re sharing with the world, sharing with you all who’ve followed and supported this project for so long. A mixture of total happiness, a certain blankness and quite some panic – is it as good as possible? We really hope you’ll like it.

However, having the movie itself ready doesn’t mean there’s nothing else to do. Right after finishing the movie, Lisa started to export the movie in differents formats, and Wolfgang started working on the subtitles of the movie.

As mentioned here before, Leo is kind of hard to understand at times – so it’s essential to have his words subtitled, especially for non-native English speakers. But we decided to not only subtitle Leo’s words but the whole movie in English, German and probably also in Italian.

So this means we have to transcribe the whole movie, put each subtitle at exactly the right position in the movie’s timeline (that’s called “spotting”) and follow all those other rules for good subtitling – it’s quite the job. After that, Leo’s manager Vencie Varnado will watch the movie and tell us if we got every word right in the subtitles. We’ll probably have to do some corrections after that, and then we’ll translate the subtitles to German and probably to Italian.

When the subtitles are ready, we can take the movie in its highest quality, add the subtitle files and put everything together on a DCP – that’s basically a harddisk that you can plug into a cinema projector. Cinemas can then decide what version to show – a version where only Leo is subtitled in English, a version where every word is subtitled in English, a version where everything is subtitled in German and probably a version where everything is subtitled in Italian.

We’ve also started to produce a couple of DVDs for the goverment institutions that gave us funding and for some film festivals. We hope to give you some awesome news about film festivals really soon.

These are actually the first three DVDs of our movie. They've all gone to Festivals and Funding institutions.
These are actually the first three DVDs of our movie. They’ve all gone to Festivals and Funding institutions.

It’s still hard to say when the movie will be available on DVD or streaming for everybody. We will probably start the local rollout after each regional premiere. So the movie will be available in Austria after the Austrian premiere, in Germany after the German premiere, in the US after the US premiere and so on. This also accounts for our Kickstarter rewards. If all goes well, we will have all those premieres on film festivals in the next coming months. But, as mentioned before, it’s still too early to give any definitive details on that.

However, you’ll be the first to know about upcoming premieres and screenings. We can’t wait to show you the movie now that it’s actually ready.

Production Note #27

Welcome to our Production Note #27 about our progress in the making of LATE BLOSSOM BLUES – The Leo “Bud” Welch Documentary.

Not a lot has happened in the last two weeks because we were mainly waiting for our Soundman Andi to be available again. Unfortunately, it turned out that we had to cancel our appointment to finish the sound on June 29, so now we have to wait for another week until July 6. On that day, we’ll finish up the sound.

However, we did do some work on the movie: We realized that one short clip of the movie is jittering a little. Luckily, it’s a scene with no people in it, just a flying airplane. So Wolfgang was researching online video archives to find a fitting, non-jittering video of a plane to replace our jittery one – and he found one that should work pretty well. So when you see the movie in a couple of months, and you’ll see an airplane in the sky, you’ll know that this is the part where we’ve been tricking a little. But don’t tell anyone:-)

We also did some work on the end credits and the filmposter – both are pretty much ready by now. They should be, because once we get the sound done, we have to take the edited sound, the colorgraded images and the end credits and put it together to make it the final version of our movie!

There’s also some other nice news: A couple of weeks ago, Wolfgang sent the Picture Lock version of LATE BLOSSOM BLUES to a couple of agencies who support films to get into film festivals. These agencies always look very carefully which films to work with, so this was a first test of how our movie will be received. And just yesterday, we got the first feedback from one of those agencies – and guess what: They love the movie! Wolfgang will talk to the people of that agency on Monday, see if and how we can work with them.

So, it’s a good sign that they love the movie. Hopefully, you’ll love it, too!

Production Note #26

Welcome Production Note #26, in which we talk about working on Sound and Colors.

In the last couple of days, Stefan, Viktor and Wolfgang have spent quite some time with David Hughes at 61 colorgrading, our Colorgrading Studio – and we’re pretty much through with the process.
The movie is now VERY colorful, it looks absolutely stunning. We’re all really happy with the result of the colorgrading process. There are still some minor improvements to be done, but we’re at 99,5 % in the colorgrading department.

Sound Editing was a different story. Our sound editor, Andi Pils from Primitive Studios was quite worried because in big parts of the movie, we just didn’t have good sound recordings, especially at the live concerts. But Andi was VERY motivated (he said he really loved Leo and the movie) and worked a lot on the sound.

Here's Andi Pils performing miracles on the sound of LATE BLOSSOM BLUES.
Here’s Andi Pils performing miracles on the sound of LATE BLOSSOM BLUES.

And yesterday, Stefan, Lisa and Wolfgang got to hear the edited sound for the first time – and it is absolutely great. Andi really made some miracles happen. Everything, even the parts where we didn’t get decent sound recordings, sounds very, very good.

However, we had a lot of small details to improve in the sound editing and didn’t make it to execute all of those improvements yesterday. And starting today, Andi is very busy with some other projects, which means that he will only be able to finish up work on June, 29.

After the sound is ready on June 29, we just need a couple of days to put together the color graded video with the edited audio file and add all the inserts and end credits – and then we’re done. Really, really, totally and absolutely done.

After that, we’ll start submitting to film festivals and hopefully bring LATE BLOSSOM BLUES to a cinema or film festival near you.

Production Note #25

Welcome to our 25th Production Note. Here’s what happened in the last 10 or so days in the Production of LATE BLOSSOM BLUES – The Journey of Leo “Bud” Welch:

Immediately after reaching Picture Lock status, Lisa started to prepare our movie for Sound Editing and Color Grading, which took her about two days. Then we handed over the material to Primitive Studios, who do the Sound Editing for us and to 61 colorgrading who, obviously, do the Color Grading.

We haven’t seen or heard any results from the Sound Editing yet, but we’ve seen the Color Grading at work – and, believe us, it’s magic. Especially Wolfgang, who as a first-time filmmaker is a rookie to every part of the process, was completely blown away by what Color Grading was able to to. We’ve all seen the images of our movie thousands of times, but it was a completely new thing to see the images with the colors much, much stronger and perfectly composed.

This is what the Color Grading Studio looks like. Left is our DoP Viktor Schaider, in middle is David Hughes from Colorgrading 61 and right is Stefan Wolner, Co-Director/Co-Producer.
This is what the Color Grading Studio looks like. Left is our DoP Viktor Schaider, in middle is David Hughes from Colorgrading 61 and right is Stefan Wolner, Co-Director/Co-Producer.

Wolfgang reworked the end credits of the movie and secured the rights to the additional songs of Leo that came into the movie in the last editing rounds.

This week, he’ll send out the movie to a couple of film festival PR agencies to see if one of them is able to help us with our film festival strategy. Also, we’ll have another session at the colorgrading studio to see how much David Hughes has achieved in the last couple of days.

As of right now, it seems like we won’t be able to keep the deadline of June 10 by some days, but what’s a couple of days considering the nearly two-year span of this project? So please stay with us just a little longer – we’re really close to the finishing line.

Production Note #24 – We got great news.

Folks, we have something great to tell you:

This means that the editing process is finished. So now every image is where it’s supposed to be and will not be changed anymore. This is a major step in our production, we couldn’t be happier.

Wolfgang and Stefan watched the latest version of the movie together on Saturday afternoon and decided on some last minute changes. And today, they executed those changes together with Lisa. We had quite some discussions about some points, and we really hope we’ve taken the right choices – it will be up to you to decide in a couple of months when you get to see the movie.

Tomorrow, we will hand over the project to our sound editing team and the color grading team. Working with them will take some more weeks, but we’re still optimistic to keep our schedule for finishing the movie by June 10.

Two years ago this movie did not even exist as an idea – and now we’re pretty close to making it a reality. Feels pretty exciting.

Production Note #23

It’s been a while since our last Production Note, and we sincerly apologize for not keeping you up to date in the last couple of weeks. So much has been going on, it was simply too much to put into words – and it still kind of is.

After our scheduled-to-be-final screening of the movie, we realised that there’s still some work to be done, especially in terms of establishing the scenery of some of the scenes. So we added many new images, especially Long and Medium Long Shots to transport a stronger sense of the respective surroundings. We also shortened some of the scenes and broke up some of our interview parts by intercutting them with real scenes. We even added some new scenes that weren’t there before but are, we think, really great.

We also invented two alternative versions of how to start the movie, and we just couldn’t decide which one of our three possible starts is the best. So we asked quite some people, filmmakers, friends and supporters of the movie which ending they liked best. And, guess what: Nearly all of them liked our existing ending best! So we’ll keep it, but we’ll still try to improve it.

Lisa is working on another version of the movie as we write this, and we’ll watch it next week to see if all the changes work the way we hope and think they do. If they do, we’ll have a final screening where we decide upon last details and finish the editing process up by the end of next week. That would mean that we would still be able to keep up with our schedule to finish the movie in June. So let’s keep our fingers crossed!

In other news, we reached 1500 Facebook fans this week. And, as promised earlier, we revealed the title of our movie as we reached that mark. Here it is:


We hope y’all like it as much as we do, and we’d like to give a big Shout Out to our DoP Viktor Schaider who came up with this wonderful title!

The new web adress redirects to this page for now – we’ll launch the new website at a later point.

Over the last weeks, Wolfgang was also very busy preparing his annual music festival, the LINZFEST. Two years ago, he invited Leo to this festival, and that’s where this whole story took off. The festival starts tomorrow, and he’ll be working from can’t to can’t, as Leo likes to put it, for the next three days – actually even WAY longer than that.

We really hope to give you some exciting news from the editing table next week. Thank you all for your interest and patience, and enjoy the Whitsun Holidays.

Production Note #22

It’s pretty late on this Friday, time for another Production Note.

In the last seven days, Wolfgang spent a lot of time creating content for the new website. He wrote all kinds of texts and synopses of different lenghts, selected photos for the “Behind The Scenes”-section and put together a Director’s Statement that turned out to be much longer than expected – we hope it will still be interesting for you.

The website looks pretty good already – the main thing still missing is the trailer, but that will take some more time.

Speaking about time, here’s the most interesting news of this week: We fixed dates for the last two post production steps this week: Color grading will happen in early May, and Sound Design/Sound Editing will happen from June 6 to June 10.

To keep this schedule, we have finish the editing process and come to a Picture Lock status pretty soon. Our title designer delivered the last title details this week, and Lisa spent the whole day today integrating all those titles and polishing all the scenes.

Next Monday, Wolfgang and Lisa will screen the new version and put some last touches on it. We will then screen the movie with Stefan and another editor and focus on scene transitions – fades, soft cuts, hard cuts etc. We will probably execute the findings of this session right on spot, and that should be the end of the editing process. Not sure if we’ll be able to accomplish all that next week, but it sure wouldn’t hurt if it would work out so fast.

As soon as the editing process is done, we’ll start working on the trailer. It’s still hard to tell how long that will take, but hopefully not too long – we really can’t wait to show you the first images of our movie.

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